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Survey – 174 million Chinese Tourists to travel abroad

The number of the Chinese outbound tourists will reach 174 million in 4 years, with a spending power of USD 264 billion, according to a recent survey. Quoting a survey by the state-run People’s Daily Online said last year more than 107 million Chinese made outbound trips, a 20 per cent rise on 2013.

The huge number of Chinese tourists going abroad made India to ease its visa restrictions. India is now introducing e-visas to attract a chunk of Chinese tourists. A number of other countries including the US are wooing cash-rich Chinese tourists considering their huge numbers.

Chinese international travelers tend to be younger and richer, with independent opinions and knowledge of high technique, the survey said. The survey, in its fourth year, interviewed more than 3,000 Chinese outbound travelers and 1,500 hotel operators worldwide.

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Article: Economic Times / Image: IamNotUnique

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