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China’s Culture Streets found dull by 60 Percent of Tourists

An online survey has revealed that 62 percent of Chinese tourists think that the local culture streets are not interesting, although 78.5 percent of them regard the streets as a must-see attraction, reported.

The online survey conducted by China Youth Daily attracted 2,001 respondents, in which 58 percent of them found that the country’s culture streets are too commercialized.

Some 72.2 of tourists, however, said that they wanted to experience local customs in a culture street, while 62.7 percent wanted to taste the unique food and 54.1 percent loved to buy local handicrafts.

The survey also showed that about 60 percent of the respondents admire culture streets for offering suitable and diversified boarding, accommodation and travel options, while only 34.9 percent said that they had mediocre experience with culture streets.

Tourists also expressed their concerns for some problems, aside from commercialization, which include large crowd, substandard and fake products, overpricing, poor hygiene, and the presence of too many thieves and beggars.

Most tourists or about 90 percent of them agree that historical and cultural street blocks should be protected and prioritized, with 52.9 percent saying that there must be a balance between protection and development, while 8.1 percent believed development should be a priority.

Zeng Zhiyi, a member of the Chinese Commission for the International Council on Monuments and Sites, said that the relocation of original inhabitants of the place was the most severe damage done to historical and cultural street blocks.

Zeng, however, noted that many renovation projects have unfortunately turned street blocks into platforms for commercial display. He added that a development that ignored the natural law will not bring the anticipated commercial returns.

Zheng Zhizhong, an economics major, said that the authenticity and integrity of historical and cultural street blocks should be protected to carry on their traditions and improve infrastructure.

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