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Nation’s first China Ready Training Program for US Tourism Industry Launches in San Francisco

To prepare the nation’s tourism destinations for the fastest growing visitor market in the world, San Francisco-based BMG Marketing just launched the first-ever China Ready training program specifically tailored to U.S. destination marketing organizations (DMOs).

“These days everyone’s talking about China, from the travel industry to the real estate market,” said BMG Marketing President Jason Pacheco, a visitor industry veteran with nearly 25 years’ experience in international marketing. “Everyone wants to attract more of this lucrative business, but most destinations are completely unprepared for this complex, highly specialized market. We created China Ready to help the visitor industry get prepared and effectively compete for this business. We collaborate with China Union Pay, the largest financial services company in Asia, to make it easier for Chinese visitors to spend in the United States.”

According to China National Tourism Administration, Chinese travelers took more than 114 million outbound trips in 2014 – way ahead of forecasts. Experts had previously projected that outbound Chinese trips would reach 100 million by 2015. They spent a record $23.8 billion in visitor expenditures, injecting roughly $65 million a day into the U.S. economy in 2014. In just ten years, the Chinese market catapulted from the ninth largest feeder market in terms of visitor expenditures to the second largest. Just two years ago it was the sixth largest. After a decade of double-digit growth, China now ranks only behind Canada.

Modeled after Tourism Australia’s renowned Welcoming Chinese Visitors training program, BMG’s China Ready workshop is tailored to American destinations, building on the company’s extensive experience with helping major states like California, Massachusetts and Oregon to boost Chinese business.  BMG collaborates with Union Pay International, China’s largest financial services company, to help pave the way for destinations, hotels, attractions and retailers to accept Chinese credit cards and thus facilitate Chinese spending.

“In 2015, China has become the No. 1 long-haul travel market to Oregon,” said Teresa O’Neil, VP Global Sales at Travel Oregon. “Because of the recent China Ready Seminar training, our stakeholders are now ready to deal full heartedly with the Chinese traveler and welcome them to Oregon confidently.”

Pacheco’s next China Ready venture – Visit California Global Ready China program – takes place throughout the state, kicking off Sept. 23 at Pier 39. The program, led by Pacheco’s team, continues throughout the state through November, getting tourism industry businesses ready for Chinese travelers.

BMG tailors these training programs to a destination’s needs, from in-depth half-day and full-day workshops in the field to three-hour webinars to go over the essentials. The training can be further customized to specific industry segments, such as Hotel China Ready, Retail China Ready, etc. Pacheco points out that although other U.S. companies do cultural training for the Chinese market, BMG’s China Ready program is the only one to cover everything a DMO needs to know, from cultural sensitivities to service training, product development and marketing advice.

“Unlike other China training programs in the U.S., BMG’s China Ready program goes beyond cultural training and helps DMOs map out a comprehensive plan to address service and product.“ Pacheco said. “We also help DMOS navigate the uniquely complex challenges with marketing in China, whose government-controlled media can be difficult to penetrate.”

Pacheco also mentioned that BMG’s China Ready program can easily be applied to other industries, such as real estate.

About Jason Pacheco, BMG Marketing

The China Ready Program was developed by Jason Pacheco, president of BRIC Marketing Group. Drawing on his 25 years of experience in international travel, specializing in markets like China, India and Latin America, Pacheco has developed international programs for various hotel companies and destination marketing organizations including San Francisco Travel, Visit California, Travel Oregon and Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism.

In 2009, Pacheco was commissioned by the Visit California to open and direct the first California Tourism office in China.

Pacheco co-authored, Visit California’s China Ready program, also known as “Sunny California, Warm Hospitality”. Shortly after, he created the China Ready seminars program as well as “Global Ready China News,” an online website that aggregates travel and technology news from China.  He also co-founded “My Shopping Pass,” a membership rewards program that directly connects participating U.S. retailers to Chinese tour operators and other global clientele.

More Details:

For more information on BMG’s China Ready Program, visit Click on for more information on the company and to get free marketing tips for the Chinese market.

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Global Ready China Seminars

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