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This was the most censored Image in China in 2015

The picture was posted on Chinese social media site Weibo at 10:30am on 3 September 2015 with the caption, ‘a picture to share’. The post racked up over 65,000 shares in the space of 69 minutes (or 15 times per second) across Chinese social media before it was taken down.

But what could possibly be so upsetting about a photo of a plastic toy?

It turns out the photo was posted in reference to this 2015 picture of Chinese President Xi Jinping inspecting the troops:


President Xi Jinping has been closely associated with Winnie the Pooh since 2013, after bloggers compared a photo of Xi and Barack Obama to an image of Pooh bear and Tigger.


Since then, Chinese censors have been quick to delete social media posts comparing the President to everyone’s favourite honey-guzzling, crop top-wearing cartoon character.

China’s army of internet censors have previously prevented online searches for the name ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and have banned memes relating to the President.

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