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Travelling is not a luxury activity any more in China

Global data shows that a country will own a mature tourism industry once its average per capita GDP surpasses five thousand U.S. dollars. The number in China last year was eight thousand dollars. Analysts say that has laid a strong foundation for Chinese people to enjoy travelling at home and abroad.

Meanwhile, Chinese people also have enough spare time to spend travelling. China implemented the five-day work week in 1995 and that ensures everybody more than 100 weekend days each year. In addition, there also are 11 national holidays every year.

People from moderately developed countries travel an average of three times while the number for the residents of developed nations is above eight. The average travel time for each person in China was about 2.98.

A growing tourism sector also brings benefits to China. The China National Tourism Administration says tourism last year directly contributed 3.32 trillion yuan to the country’s GDP, or 4.88 percent. The agency also says tourism created more than 79 million jobs, accounting for one tenth of of China’s total employment.

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