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China to blacklist Ill-behaved Tourists and Tourism Service Providers

China has issued a new regulation to blacklist tourists and tourism service providers with inappropriate public manners. Tourism service providers who insult, assault or threaten their clients or perform other behaviors which lead to adverse social influences will be added to a tourism behavior record system, according to the China National Tourism Administration.

The regulation also takes aim at misconduct by Chinese tourists, including unlawful behaviors at home and abroad, undermining public order and good morals, which will also be added onto the blacklist.

Ill-behaved tourists will be recorded for offenses for:

  • acting inappropriately on public transport
  • damaging private or public property
  • disrespecting local customs
  • sabotaging historical exhibits or engaging in gambling or illegal sexual activities
  • destroying the environment or violating the protection of wildlife
  • disrupting the public order at tourist resorts.

Entries to the blacklist will be kept valid from three to five years if the offenders break the law. Those who exhibit improper behaviors will be kept on the blacklist for one to three years. The regulation comes after a blacklist system was established to target inappropriate tourist behaviors in China in May last year.

The new regulation has added other potential targets, including tour guides and other tourism service providers to the blacklist system. The regulation comes amid growing concerns about the bad behaviors of Chinese tourists and tour guides.

Earlier in February this year, five Chinese airlines signed a joint statement against passengers who misbehave, such as those who disrupt air traffic order. A database is shared among the airline companies. Those on the blacklist are subject to limited services.

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