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Xiaomi Tops Chinese Smartphone Market…Again

While there is a particular view that Xiaomi is the Apple of China, one ought to take into consideration the kind of innovation that Apple has made as well as their marketing prowess that have made the Cupertino company into such a juggernaut that it is today. Xiaomi? Sure, they make nice looking handsets that do perform well, at the same time being priced very competitively, but innovation that changes the mobile landscape? Not quite. However, this has not stopped Xiaomi from leading the Chinese smartphone market.

The Chinese smartphone market is the largest in the world, which is no surprise, and with Xiaomi achieving a record-breaking 26% market share in April, this is a whole lot of smartphones that we are talking about here. In second place at 15.7% would be Honor from Huawei, while the third would be LeEco, who has captured 10.5% of the market in record time. Apple currently stands at 8.2% of the market share, which means Xiaomi has more than triple the amount of market share of Apple’s.

Do take note that if Huawei’s entire range of smartphones were to be taken into consideration as well, then we are looking at a figure which is slightly north of 23%, and that would place them very near to Xiaomi.

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