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Chinese Tourism – Catching the USA

The UN World Tourism Organisation reports that tourism spending has outpaced global trade… and it isn’t a one off.  This is the fourth year in a row.  But there are winners and losers – in a way.

So where are we all heading?

According to figures from the UNWTO, global tourism sees the most travelers making their way to the USA, followed by China.  For a bit of extra flavor, France and Spain are the next biggest recipients of tourists themselves.   Almost every nation benefits though, as international tourism grew by 4% in 2015, which was more than global trade growth.

Last year, tourism accounted for 7% of the world’s total exports.  Growth, you say? That’s right, up from 6% in the previous year.  It would appear that people currently desire getting off the couch and travelling, even if maybe it’s just getting on someone else’s couch in the USA or China.  And when overseas, we spend.  Exports may have dropped for certain areas of the planet, but the spending of tourists on many fronts has helped offset this decline. What do we spend on when we travel?

The good stuff: accommodation, entertainment, food.  Maybe we don’t just backpack and eat tinned food after all.  All this fun we are having overseas is making the world go round – financially, at least. But where are we leaving behind for a while?Regardless of current events, and travel warnings, the USA and China, along with the UK are the leading sources for outbound travelers.  Special mention goes to the many travelers who make up the statistics of Chinese tourism. of which the number of outbound tourists  has risen every year since 2004.  Spending shows even greater growth, increasing by 25% last year alone.

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