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Gucci Named Top Brand in Study of Social Media Influencers

After crunching the data of social media mentions, likes, reads and other engagement measures of luxury, fashion and beauty brands by “key opinion leaders” in China, R3 Worldwide and Bomoda ranked Gucci as the top brand.

The 400 KOLs researched in the report included fashion influencers and celebrity bloggers on WeChat and Weibo. Global analytics firm Bomoda said the researchers selected the 25 luxury brands to be studied. The company described it as a “representative pool of those we have observed making the most significant efforts in China in the past two quarters.” The criteria included luxury brands that were actively working with KOLs.

Behind Gucci was Dior at number two and Louis Vuitton at number three. Givenchy was ranked fourth and Chanel took the number-five spot.

The report, “China Luxury, Beauty and Fashion Insights — Q3 2016,” “looked at mentions, reports, likes, reads, sentiment, purchase intent and total engagement — to form an overall picture of the strongest brands and the strongest opinion leaders,” the authors of the report noted.

Some of the notable KOLs studied for the report included TV celebrities Huo Jian Hua and Lin Xin Ru, which the researchers described as a “super couple” who were married earlier this summer at the Bulgari Resort

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