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Canada’s PM to use Weibo and WeChat to reach Chinese Audiences

Since he was campaigning for Prime Minister, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been known for his social-networking use. However, with China monitoring every social media network, how can he interact with the Chinese audiences?

Luckily, the PM has a solution for this as according to senior Canadian government officials, the PM will be using his Weibo and WeChat accounts for the visit. Both accounts were made since last year’s campaign. Weibo is notable as the one of the most popular websites in China as it offers services similar to Twitter and Facebook. Given the PM’s schedule and itenerary, he would be sharing some of these photos to his followers in both sites. He will be visiting the Great Wall of China and meet young people in Shanghai for an event. He is also scheduled to join NBA superstar Yao Ming when he visits a private high school in Shanghai.

In the assessment of Canada’s former ambassador to China, David Mulroney, the approach of using Chinese social media is a smart idea because it will allow the PM to reach out to the Chinese. It is also a good alternative to Chinese state media when it comes to getting information about the PM’s visit. Mulroney has also remarked that the PM has an interesting international profile that will make the Chinese people want to learn about him.

The former ambassador remarked “They will be interested in someone whose father helped to establish a relationship. They will be interested in someone who’s young, who’s got a family, who’s different, who’s obviously interested in China. There’s a powerful message there, and I think it would be really wise for us to make the most of it.”

The trip is also significant because the Chinese people are now becoming interested with China as they travel the world, look for better education opportunities and investments.

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Article: CCD / Image: Al Jazeera

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