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Mainland tourism spots will receive 589 million tourists during upcoming National Day holiday

The mainland tourism market will receive 589 million tourists during the upcoming seven-day National Day holiday, a rise of 12 percent from the same period last year, the China Tourism Academy predicted. Trans-provincial travel is the No.1 choice for mainland tourists during the holiday, with Chengdu, Zhangjiajie, Mount Huangshan, Hangzhou and Shanghai among the most popular domestic destinations, it said.

Itineraries to South Korea, Japan, Russia, the United States and South East Asian countries remain popular, while less visited East Europe and Sri Lanka are gaining popularity, the academy said.  There is predicted to be a significant decrease of Chinese mainland tourists to Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong during the holiday, according to the academy.

Domestic scenic spots are expected to receive the biggest number of tourists on October 3 during the holiday, while an increasing number of Chinese tourists choose to travel a week earlier than the holiday or later to avoid the travel peak, travel agencies said. The seven-day National Day holiday is the traditional travel peak in a year for Chinese mainland tourists for it usually enjoys a pleasant weather and has a relatively longer duration.

About 46 percent of mainland tourists choose to embark their journey between September 24 and 30 due to concerns over big crowds of tourists at attractions during the holiday, compared with 25 percent who will start their trip between October 1 and 3, according to online travel operator Tongcheng based on its observation of tour package booking.

Bangkok, Seoul, Bali and Tokyo are some of the most popular short-distance overseas destinations during the holiday, while Los Angeles, Rome, and Paris are favored for long distance trip, it said.  Tourists spend an average 6,374 yuan for overseas trips during the holiday, with Beijingers and Shanghainese spend the most, surpassing 7,400 yuan, according to Tongcheng.

Mafengwo, a travel website for travel notes and reviews, said only about 30 percent of free independent travelers choose to start their trip on October 1, and cities with a slow beat of life are favored by independent travelers.

The Bali Island is popular for being the destination of a number of celebrity weddings, while Chinese tourists’ enthusiasm on Singapore falls during the holiday due to the influence of Zika virus, it said. Nearly half of tourists who booked tour products on Mafengwo for trips to Singapore during the holiday have cancelled reservation, it said.

Xiamen, Chengdu and Dali with laid-back lifestyle are popular among independent tourists, and experience programs such as night tours at aquarium and whale watching are also favored.

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Article: Shanghai Daily / Image: Wayne S. Grazio

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