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China Tourism Target: $1 Trillion by 2020

China plans to raise tourism revenue to 7 trillion yuan (about $1 trillion) by 2020, the Chinese government has said. A state council’s Five-Year Tourism Plan (2016-20) mandates China to develop tourism into a major driver for economic transformation, reported.

The sector made more than 4 trillion yuan last year. By 2020, investment in tourism is expected to grow to 2 trillion yuan and the sector will make up more than 12% of GDP. Travel agencies will be encouraged to sell more diverse products, such as countryside trips and tours of old revolutionary bases.

The quality of tourist destinations must be raised, partly through five tourist city clusters and 10 national tour belts. Public services for tourists will be improved, including transportation. Green tourism will also be promoted. Inbound tourism will get stronger policy support and cooperation between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will be strengthened. The government also expects moderate growth in outbound travel.

The services sector made up a majority of economic growth in the first three quarters. Tourism will create jobs and help poverty alleviation in rural areas.

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Article: Financial Tribune / Image: Stanley Zimny

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