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Chengdu strives to become a Hub for Luxury Brands and Consumer Services

Chengdu is attracting international luxury brands and consumers with its potent blend of history, culture and shopping opportunities. For those who have never been to Chengdu, the city is just a city. But for those who have visited or live there, it has its own unique kind of beauty, style and magic.

A city built 2,300 years ago, but with evidence of human habitation stretching back 4,500 years, Chengdu still shines in today’s China as one of its leading metropolises in terms of industry and culture. It stands at the crossroads for people, trade and business opportunities.

Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, in downtown Chengdu, is a major new retail-led, mixed-use development centre that has attracted a swag of international luxury brands and renowned restaurants. According to its official website, the first flagship stores of the fashion brands Cartier, Gucci, Hermes and Tiffany in Southwest China are all in Chengdu.

“In Chengdu, on one hand, people’s lifestyle is relaxed. They enjoy a slow pace of life,” said Han Zhi, senior manager for retail sales at Hong Kong-based Swire Group, which is a 50-pc shareholder of Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu. “On the other hand, Chengdu is a fast-growing city even among cities worldwide.”

Mr Han said Taikoo Li would continue to introduce new brands and business formats into Chengdu’s market this year. “We have focused on the integration of the Eastern and Western styles, the new and the old,” he said, adding that it had provided the opportunity for global fashions and local culture to communicate and commingle there.

Chengdu International Finance Square, not far from Taikoo Li, is another landmark building in the city. The centre has introduced more than 600 brands, including such famous international names as Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Prada. More than 100 international frontline brands chose Chengdu as their first port of call to enter the markets of the Southwest Chinese regions.

“I am a fan of Chengdu, for its rich traditional culture, for its metropolitan atmosphere,” said a diplomat at the South Korean consulate in Chengdu. He recalled his experience having dinner with his family at Chengdu International Finance Square, saying “it’s just like New York City.”

On 13 January 2018, the local government announced the goal to build Chengdu into a world-class central commercial city by 2022, at a conference to guide the city’s services industry going forwards. A total of 11 key projects, including Tianfu Jincheng, Tianfu Centre and Tianfu Olympic City, are set to meet the diverse demands of customers.

To build itself into a high-quality, harmonious and livable city, Chengdu has decided to promote the development of the consumer services industry. It has set itself the goal that by 2022, the added value of the consumer services industry in Chengdu should hit a massive 500 billion yuan (£55.8 billion).

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