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Global Ready China News is brought to you by the team of travel and tourism industry experts from BMG – BRIC Marketing Group. With the goal of keeping you updated and informed about current developments, trends and news regarding the China travel market, we gather they key bits of information for you and aggregate them here in Global Ready China News. Contributors to this news platform include the trainers you may know from your Global Ready China Seminar as well as our experts in China and guest authors with broad variety of backgrounds.

Meet the people behind Global Ready China News:



Stefan (857 posts)

Stefan (from Austria, Europe) has been living, studying and working in China since 2010. Stefan has worked on several research, publication and consulting projects focusing on the China Travel Market. He holds three Masters degrees and is an expert on ...


Daniel (213 posts)

Spanning a career of over 25 years in hospitality, and non-profit organizations, Daniel has a proven track record in training and development of people across the spectrum. His expertise in human resources and as President / CEO of a nationwide ...


Jason (126 posts)

Jason Pacheco (President of BMG - BRIC Marketing Group) is a veteran of the travel and tourism industry with over 25 years of experience. He held assignments in sales and marketing for various hotel companies and destination marketing organizations. Jason ...


David (213 posts)

David Lee, educated in Denmark, China and the UK, gained extensive work experience with NGOs (Int"l Red Cross and UNESCO) as well as in the fields of training and education. He is part of BMG's China office and supports services ...


Glenda (304 posts)

Glenda (a California native who began her hospitality and tourism career in Hawaii) has been in the travel and tourism industry for over 25 years and is currently a marketing consultant with the California Travel and Tourism Commission. Glenda’s experience ...