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An online survey has revealed that 62 percent of Chinese tourists think that the local culture streets are not interesting.Read More
Busloads of visitors from China flocked to Bangkok's glittering Grand Palace on Friday but, days after a bomb at another of the city's popular attractions killed five Chinese tourists.Read More
The China National Tourism Administration has issued an instruction to protect tips for tour guides, affirming and supporting the incentive system for tour guides, the Shanghai Morning Post reports.Read More
Mass dating parties are on the rise as pressure to marry young mounts, leaving many 20 and 30-somethings on the lookout for love on Chinese Valentine's Day.Read More
The deadly blasts that killed 114 people here also put a deep dent in the compact between China’s government and its middle class.Read More
Unlike Older Generations, They're Focused on Now Instead of Building for the FutureRead More
Mainland Chinese consumers’ penchant for labels saying “Made by China” (if not “Made in China”)...Read More
The New York Times recently published an article that claimed marketers’ focus on the “Millennial” generation – that is, individuals born in the last two decades of the 20th century – had become an a obsessive fixation.  – How true. Yes, Millennials are more “digitally native” than older cohorts. But their “dependence on technology, [is] probably just a leading indicator of where life is headed for everyone.” Furthermore, the anxiety triggered by stagnant incomes and declining social mobility has resulted a global “live for now” (Pepsi’s new tagline) ethos rather thanRead More
There is a growing hysteria about Chinese tourism - about 120 million Chinese people are expected to travel abroad this year and to spend billionsRead More
More than half of Chinese outbound tourists choose to stay in luxury hotels when abroad. Read More