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Extreme sports apparel and expensive active wear is in vogue thanks in part to government promotion of sport ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.Read More
When traveling abroad for the Lunar New Year, Chinese tourists in recent years have been known to stock their suitcases with advanced toilet seats, rice cookers and other goodies from overseas.Read More
As the number of voraciously-consuming Chinese shoppers in Japan continues to rise, locals in Tokyo’s top retail spots complain of parking chaos caused by an influx of buses.Read More
Despite fears of an economic slowdown in China, the devaluation of the yuan, and stock market turmoil making headlines throughout January, the number of Chinese people travelling abroad is set to grow.Read More
With Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, just round the corner, the annual travel rush in China is fully underway.Read More
With immigration and reproductive rights as hot-button issues in upcoming US elections, it’s worth considering how China’s one-child policy has affected its largest trading partner.Read More
China - a decade ago not a major player in Southern California tourism - last year sent nearly 800,000 people to visit the shops, museums and tourist attractions in and around America's second-largest city. Read More
When Zhou Meifen gave birth to her second child not long after 12:01 a.m. on New Year’s Day, she dodged a $12,000 birth control tax by just a few minutes.Read More
According to a survey, 12% of Chinese respondents said they always greet fellow guests on a hotel elevator, but 35% only greet guests on an elevator if they look friendly and smile.Read More
An online survey has revealed that 62 percent of Chinese tourists think that the local culture streets are not interesting.Read More