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Spending is up, even with growth slowing and stocks slumping: China's consumers increased spending on travel and entertainment as hundreds of millions of people traveled during the holiday last week.Read More
Although mainland Chinese luxury spending declined within China in 2015, Chinese travelers have become the most important members of a “Sixth Continent” of global duty-free luxury shoppers.Read More
Exclusivity and desirability go hand in hand for China’s wealthy, with the same brands ranked in the top five for both characteristics in a new study by Promise Consulting and BNP Exane.Read More
These days, any self-respecting person knows how to take a selfie. "Selfie culture," as it's called, may be global, but our beauty standards are not.Read More
Forget the sites — Chinese tourists visiting the greater Big Apple area last year came for the price.Read More
The China National Tourism Administration has issued an instruction to protect tips for tour guides, affirming and supporting the incentive system for tour guides, the Shanghai Morning Post reports.Read More
Luxury mooncake gift sets have reappeared at high-end hotels and shopping malls in major cities in China, reports the Guangzhou-based Southern Daily.Read More
Unlike Older Generations, They're Focused on Now Instead of Building for the FutureRead More
Mainland Chinese consumers’ penchant for labels saying “Made by China” (if not “Made in China”)...Read More
The New York Times recently published an article that claimed marketers’ focus on the “Millennial” generation – that is, individuals born in the last two decades of the 20th century – had become an a obsessive fixation.  – How true. Yes, Millennials are more “digitally native” than older cohorts. But their “dependence on technology, [is] probably just a leading indicator of where life is headed for everyone.” Furthermore, the anxiety triggered by stagnant incomes and declining social mobility has resulted a global “live for now” (Pepsi’s new tagline) ethos rather thanRead More