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The fancy water will likely carry a high price - as high 45 yuan ($7.20) a bottle, compared to as little as 1.30 yuan for a bottle of plain Nongfu Spring water.Read More
Chinese President Xi Jinping has become the latest Beijing official to advise Chinese tourists improve their image abroad, apparently by eating less instant noodles.Read More
Wine lovers may soon have a new luxury destination to add to their bucket list: China.Read More
Of the 97.3 million Chinese who went abroad in 2013, 115,823 came to Hawaii – almost double the number in 2010. Read More
As the Chinese economy powers ahead, it is catapulting many into the ranks of the wealthy and pulling large swaths of the population into its burgeoning middle class. Read More
Chinese McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut have suspended their local supplier after allegations that the Shanghai-based company was using expired meat for their products.Read More
Foreign brands have long dominated the consumer market in China, but according to a new report, foreign imported goods are now facing a serious challenge from local brands. Read More
Obesity is a worldwide problem. The latest confirmation comes from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, which conducted a study in 188 countries that found one-third of the global adult population and one-fourth of all children are overweight or obese. That includes no fewer than 671 million people who fall into the obese category. While the United States still has the largest obese population at 78 million, China and India follow with 46 million and 30 million, respectively. In business terms, of course, crisis createsRead More
Pineapples, mangoes, wax apples, sugar apples and guavas are the Taiwanese fruits that Chinese tourists appreciate the most, and do not hesitate to dispatch them in order to satisfy their palettes.Read More