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WeChat is the most popular social media app in China. Since 2011, it has transformed from a messaging tool to an all-in-one super portal, with more than 900 million monthly active users. Read More
These days, any self-respecting person knows how to take a selfie. "Selfie culture," as it's called, may be global, but our beauty standards are not.Read More
President Xi Jinping urged cadres to improve communication with prominent figures in new media as the Communist Party wrapped up a three-day conference yesterday.Read More
WeChat, one of China’s most popular mobile-messaging applications, is turning to thousands of students studying in the U.S. to spread its usage across the country.Read More
China's post-80s generation plays a leading role in outbound tourism, accounting for 56.2 per cent, followed by the post-70s (26.4 per cent) and the post-90s (11.3 per cent).Read More
Tencent has suspended more than 300 accounts on its WeChat app and banned around 40 others as government restrictions on spreading political news online take effect.Read More
You can say pretty much whatever you want on Chinese social media without fear of being censored, as long as you don’t say it in unison with a collective group. Read More
In the near future, e-commerce revenue in China will overtake the United States and become the number-one global e-commerce market in the world.Read More
China's new media have entered the "micro" era: The number of WeChat users has reached 600 million, with more than 270 million active users at home and abroad every month.Read More
Popular photo-sharing app Instagram has 100,000 weekly downloads in China. Worldwide downloads are at roughly one per second. Partnership with Sina Weibo further boosts Instagram in China.Read More