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Chinese business conglomerates are investing in overseas factories while small- and mid-sized businesses attempt to reach out to the foreign market, state-run China Business News reports.Read More
China Economy surpasses US Economy in Purchasing Power, but Americans don't need to worry.Read More
China is on track to overtake Japan as the second largest luxury market in the world by 2019, according to new industry data from Euromonitor International.Read More
Chinese travelers overseas spent much more than foreign visitors inChina in the first three quarters, according to a report released by the China TourismAcademyRead More
Chinese visitors to Korea accounted for more than half of all credit card transactions by foreigners here in the first half of this year. Read More
The distribution of new hotels in China tells a story of the country’s most established cities expanding room capacity even as less well-known cities are coming onto the scene with new hotels. Read More

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Quiet Rise of China UnionPay

China UnionPay is much less well-known than other major credit card brands, so many people might be surprised to learn that it is now the global leader in plastic.Read More
China aims to double domestic spending on tourism by 2020 by offering financial and other support to develop the sector as it seeks to boost spending at home to spur economic growth.Read More

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China’s Digital Transformation

New applications of the Internet could account for up to 22 percent of China’s labor-productivity growth by 2025, according to McKinsey.Read More
China is becoming more unequal as it gets richer, with about a third of the country's wealth now concentrated in the hands of 1% of its citizens, according to new research. Read More