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Tencent has suspended more than 300 accounts on its WeChat app and banned around 40 others as government restrictions on spreading political news online take effect.Read More
Commerce is beginning to change due to the adoption of mobile technology. More consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to make their lives easier and more convenient.Read More
In China, the internet plays a uniquely powerful role in popular culture. Witty content, often involving Chinese-language puns or plays on words on social media, can make a huge impact here.Read More
You can say pretty much whatever you want on Chinese social media without fear of being censored, as long as you don’t say it in unison with a collective group. Read More
A cheerful promotional cartoon from a major Chinese travel agency shows two women sharing one hotel bed and two men tucked into another. "Take your gay best friend to visit Hong Kong,".Read More
Qunar's second-quarter revenue jumped as mobile revenue soared more than 500%. The Chinese travel company reported a 127% jump in Q2 revenue to $64.5 million.Read More
Taiwan teamed up with Google to create the "Anytime for Taiwan-Film Taiwan, Action!" tourism competition, a joint campaign between the search engine giant and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau.Read More
Chinese shoppers love luxury brands, but until now their e-commerce experience has not always measured up. The market is changing fast.Read More
Guizhou, a less developed province in Southwest China, is using Internet technology to promote its scenic spots and attract visitors.Read More
China will force real-name registrations on public accounts of instant messaging tools and require those wishing to publish or reprint political news to seek prior approval.Read More