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The Chinese government’s censorship is pretty strict, especially for web companies. Based on various factors, the Chinese government is very sensitive to any fluctuations of ideology. Read More
Online travel bookings saw a 62% increase in 2013 - a lot of which came from international hotel groups, airlines and OTAs which are strong on social media platforms. Read More
Regarded as the "Chinese Google", Baidu manages a large collection of services that caters to all aspects of the largest online population in the world, and continues to grow at a high rate.Read More
S.Y. Lau on how he is "planning for the digital awakening" - from the challenges of scale to the enormous opportunities facing Chinese brands and international brands targeting China.Read More
Many western businesses frame the China market as distant, opaque, and unfeasibly complicated. The following realities about the modern Chinese consumer dispel that mindset. Read More
China's Internet censors appeared to be blocking a number of overseas-based social media and messaging apps on Wednesday, after shutting down outspoken microblog accounts.Read More
China's new media have entered the "micro" era: The number of WeChat users has reached 600 million, with more than 270 million active users at home and abroad every month.Read More
Traveler reviews play a huge role in China. Nearly four in five users say they look at traveler reviews for at least half of their trips, and nearly half say they check reviews while planning qwtrips. Read More

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Chinese Social Media Overview

In a country of 1.4 billion people, you’d think social media is big in China. And it is, but it is not just social media like elsewhere in the world, it's social media 'with Chinese characteristics'. Read More