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Travellers are increasingly unable to unplug and disconnect as a new survey finds tourists spend as much time reporting experiences via messenger services, as they do on the beach.Read More
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Advertising expenditure on social media in China is forecast to triple over the next five years, overtaking Japan to become the region's largest market, new figures have shown.Read More
China’s government heavily censors its internet — and amid recent pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, online freedom of speech in the country has deteriorated even further.Read More
Weibo has long been referred to in the U.S. as the "Chinese Twitter," but Ken Hong, general manager for Weibo Corp. Marketing Strategy, said that's not an accurate description.Read More
Censorship on Chinese social media has reached a new record this year as the mainland’s editors of public debate rushed to quell conversations on Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests.Read More
On September 17th, Tencent invested with Morningside Venture Capital in outbound travel website's. This B round financing is worth 20 million US$.Read More
Instagram, the popular photo-sharing service owned by Facebook Inc , has been blocked in China, according to numerous reports, including from Hong Kong-based reporters with the New York Times.Read More
10-second video app Miaopai has secured US$50 million in series C funding, according to Sina Tech. Read More
When it comes to China, the country, the market and the impact and potential of social media and social commerce there, we all understand it’s pretty big. Read More