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Chinese telecommunications companies are likely to shift from providing traditional communications services to businesses like data analytics and cloud services when 5G networks roll out commercially.Read More
A team of five Singaporeans has created an online platform for small travel service providers here and worldwide to sell directly to Chinese travellers.Read More
The vast majority of Chinese tourists have already made purchasing decisions for foreign products before they travel.Read More

Posted On April 27, 2016By StefanIn Branding, News, Research, Internet, Social Media

Vlogging pays off in China

An e-commerce brand has paid out US$3.4m to win the rights to advertise in a Chinese vlogger's programming and considers it has got a bargain.Read More
As Chinese online shoppers show a growing interest in ordering from abroad, both and its competitor Alibaba have allowed foreign brands to ship to China through their special logistics setup. Read More
Chinese state media outlets and Chinese government spokes people regularly claim that Western media plays up China’s weaknesses, exaggerates its potential as a regional threat, and ignores its successes.Read More
In the latest sign that China’s long-touted “opening up” is reversing into a “closing down,” a Chinese ministry has issued new rules that ban any foreign-invested company from publishing online in China.Read More
China has urged the country's most popular microblog Weibo to clean up pornographic material on its social networking site in the latest attempt by authorities to regulate online content.Read More
Nearly eight in 10 rely on the internet and mobile to research purchases. The internet is the leading source of information for buyers in China to learn about luxury goods, according to 2015 research.Read More
WeChat has taken China by storm and may look to cast a wider, tighter net in Asia — but why can’t it hook Westerners?Read More