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While American and European visitors continue to travel to Canada in strong numbers, the number of Chinese visitors has increased by 246 percent between 2004 and 2013.Read More
The Republic of Korea will overtake Thailand to be the largest outbound destination for Chinese tourists in this year, said a report from China's leading online travel agency Ctrip.Read More
Regarded as the "Chinese Google", Baidu manages a large collection of services that caters to all aspects of the largest online population in the world, and continues to grow at a high rate.Read More
S.Y. Lau on how he is "planning for the digital awakening" - from the challenges of scale to the enormous opportunities facing Chinese brands and international brands targeting China.Read More
Many western businesses frame the China market as distant, opaque, and unfeasibly complicated. The following realities about the modern Chinese consumer dispel that mindset. Read More
Foreign brands have long dominated the consumer market in China, but according to a new report, foreign imported goods are now facing a serious challenge from local brands. Read More
Tourism Australia has unveiled plans to build an elite network of travel agents in China that sell Australian tour packages to the increasingly lucrative inbound Chinese market. Read More
The United States needs to live up to the goals of its National Travel and Tourism Strategy by approving a visa waiver for Chinese visitors to Guam. Read More
Subsidies are on offer to foreign air carriers bringing business and tourists travelers to the industrial hub and famous southernmost holiday spot, rating Russia "a real VIP client". Read More
AlthoughChina grew into a technology powerhouse initially by following the example of the U.S. tech industry, it is now home to four of the world’s ten largest internet and technology companies.Read More