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The unruly Chinese tourists seen in viral videos are only a small portion of the country's 1.3 billion people. Most Malaysian Chinese for example would feel insulted if they are mistaken for Chinese tourists.Read More
China’s Spring Festival is the ultimate test for fledgling romances. A partner’s invitation to meet family signals commitment; but for China’s LGBT population, the holiday creates disproportionate stress. Read More
No more homosexuality, extramarital affairs, or one-night stand content in Chinese television drama.Read More
The global LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) travel market is big – over USS 200 billion in annual spend, and is growing. One market, which is slowly but surely contributing to this growth, is China.Read More
As China becomes an increasingly aging society, the tide may be turning for older travelers. Since she retired four years ago, Chen Ying, 59, has been bitten by the travel bug.Read More
However convenient it may be for luxury brand marketers to treat the world as one market, they would achieve more success if they recognise consumers in Asia buy for different reasonsRead More
New travel scheme promises fast-tracked entry permits for mainland Chinese tourists, but with one caveat: they must spend more money on hotels and food.Read More
UnionPay Int'l's recent report characterizes outbound travel with larger gross scale, higher transaction frequency, more scattered destinations and more rational purchase.Read More
A total of 100 railway lines will link Xinjiang to the rest of China this year, which is expected to bring 100,000 more visitors to the autonomous regionRead More
According to cultural philosophers, Westerners and East Asians have had contrasting views about the concept of truth and how it works for thousands of years - and it shows in present-day psychology. Read More