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A total of 100 railway lines will link Xinjiang to the rest of China this year, which is expected to bring 100,000 more visitors to the autonomous regionRead More
According to cultural philosophers, Westerners and East Asians have had contrasting views about the concept of truth and how it works for thousands of years - and it shows in present-day psychology. Read More
Fengshu, a town in Central China's Hunan Province, has set plans to reinforce Uyghur traditions with the aim to enhance tourism, boost the local economy and preserve its ethnic diversity and tradition.Read More
In the past Chinese chose to travel together on specially structured, highly-organised tour groups but it seems that more and more are turning to independent travel arrangements. Read More
With more than 70 million LGBT people in China (equivalent to the UK's population) China's "pink market" value is estimated to be around US$470 billion per year.Read More