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The Chinese medical tourism market grew by a staggering 500 percent to reach a total of 500,000 outbound medical trips in 2016.Read More
It’s long been a Confucian ethic entrenched in Chinese society that when elderly parents reach the point where they can’t take care of themselves, they will be cared for by their children.Read More
Healthcare is the biggest concern of China’s growing high-net-worth population, according to a report from Hurun and insurance firm Taikang.Read More
China's luxury-alcohol makers are seeing business rebound after a sales decline of over three years that began with the central government's crackdown on extravagance and corruption. Read More
For sports tourists from China, it “often isn’t clear, for example, what two hours of trekking mean,” believes insider Cheng.Read More

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US Wine Makers Eye Growing Chinese Market

The U.S. state of California is American's largest wine producer. Now wine makers in California are eyeing the Chinese market which has seen a surge in wine consumption in recent years.Read More
Is a $15 electric kettle the key to luring Chinese tourists? A growing number of US hotel chains think so.Read More
Extreme sports apparel and expensive active wear is in vogue thanks in part to government promotion of sport ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.Read More
Chinese tourists interest to visit Indonesia remains high after the terror bombing in Central Jakartas Thamrin Boulevard on January 14th 2016.Read More
With immigration and reproductive rights as hot-button issues in upcoming US elections, it’s worth considering how China’s one-child policy has affected its largest trading partner.Read More