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Wealthy travellers in China are increasingly looking beyond the ordinary holiday experience, falling under a category of travellers that Reuter Communications refers to as ‘experience- and adventure-seeking tourists’ or EASTs.Read More
When he smiles after taking a bite of a local delicacy, a national culinary superstar is born. When he has a pint at an English pub, it becomes a pilgrimage for many travelers.Read More
Chinese travelers are changing. Opulent suites overlooking the Seine. Armfuls of shopping bags on Fifth Avenue. Private beaches in the Maldives. China’s ultra-wealthy travelers have been there and done it.Read More

Posted On October 16, 2016By JasonIn China Domestic, News, Research

China and the Tourism Boom

Forget the pessimism on China’s growth, for overseas travel at least. Recent news shows that more Chinese are travelling and demanding more services. Read More
The mainland tourism market will receive 589 million tourists during the upcoming seven-day National Day holiday, a rise of 12 percent from the same period last year, the China Tourism Academy predicted.Read More
It's the $215 billion question the travel industry is trying to answer: What do Chinese tourists want?Read More
China has issued a new regulation to blacklist tourists and tourism service providers with inappropriate public manners.Read More
Tuniu Corp has started selling air tickets and hotel rooms directly online, making it a direct rival of market leader Ctrip in the 400 billion yuan (US$60 billion) Chinese online tourism market.Read More
China National Travel Service (HK) Group will merge with China International Travel Services Group (CITS) in a multibillion yuan deal that will give birth to the country’s largest tourism conglomerate.Read More
Chinese international travellers, swelled by a wave of individualistic millennials joining the middle class, are likely to be spending more on their trips overseas by 2025 than their counterparts from Europe.Read More