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Pineapples, mangoes, wax apples, sugar apples and guavas are the Taiwanese fruits that Chinese tourists appreciate the most, and do not hesitate to dispatch them in order to satisfy their palettes.Read More
Despite their high level of exposure and their enormous spending, a group of about 7000 Chinese Tourists left the US amid controversy, complaints, and criticism, mostly on account of their behavior.Read More
Recent uncertainty and diminished appeal of previous top destinations lead to many travelers cancelling their trips to the Southeast Asian destinations, shifting their focus on new travel spots. Read More
Eager not to rely too heavily on tourists from across the Yalu, Pyongyang has been looking for ways to promote tourism from countries other than the PRC.Read More
The class will focus on the cultural and doing business aspect rather than primarily the language focus. It will begin the process of creating a workforce a little more in tune with Chinese guests expectations.Read More
Between April 2013 and March 2014 about 102 million China outbound border crossings took place. And for the whole of 2013, the respective number had been 97 million.Read More
Wealthy Chinese stock up on high-price items like jewelry and watches because the prices are cheaper in the United States than in China, due to very high import taxes. Read More
In an effort to further entice Chinese tourists to Italy, the Italian government announced that it will trim the visa processing time for Chinese citizens who want to travel to the European country to 36 hours.Read More
Chinese citizens can undertake group tours in more than half of the world's countries and regions, accounting for 67.4 percent of the countries and regions that have diplomatic relationships with China.Read More
In China, over 800,000 reviews were posted online in 2013, compared to 415,000 in 2012. Almost four in five Chinese travelers read traveler-submitted reviews while they plan at least half of their trips.Read More