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Nine out of 10 Chinese tourists on VIP travel packages to South Korea spent over 50 million won ($44,840), making them the biggest foreign consumer group, a travel agency reported Monday.Read More
Vancouver’s tourism industry was stronger than ever this summer due to a 27 per cent spike in visitors from China and the city’s status as a “Chinese-friendly” destination.Read More
In recent years Chinese tourists have been touted as the new opportunity for growth of the industry in the Caribbean. Read More
In the airline distribution segment in China, a lot of progress has been made with the support of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and IATA.Read More
UnionPay International and Amadeus sign an agreement to integrate UnionPay debit and credit cards into the Amadeus Payment Platform (APP).Read More
Australian tourism continues to press hard on its high-risk, high-yield embedded agent strategy, hoping it can harness the power of the Chinese travel market.Read More