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China Southern Airlines becomes the first international airline which serves Mauritius and China. Air Mauritius has eight flights per week to China and plans to add another direct flight to Beijing.Read More
Macau will reduce the maximum number of days that Chinese passport holders with transit visas can stay in the city to five from seven, in an attempt to prevent them from abusing the law.Read More
As more Chinese tourists are deterred from traveling to traditionally popular destinations such as Malaysia and Vietnam, other East Asian countries are eyeing the world's biggest spenders. Read More
Dubai has been ranked in the top three most popular destinations among high-net-worth Chinese travelers, rising from eighth place in 2013 to third in 2014.Read More
Bali has seen an influx of high-spending Chinese tourists in the first four months of 2014, buoyed by convenient air connections and diversions from other South-east Asian destinations.Read More
Keen to tap into the spending power of tourists from China's expanding middle class, the Home Office announced a streamlined application process and a service to grant them visas within 24 hours.Read More
Pineapples, mangoes, wax apples, sugar apples and guavas are the Taiwanese fruits that Chinese tourists appreciate the most, and do not hesitate to dispatch them in order to satisfy their palettes.Read More
Despite their high level of exposure and their enormous spending, a group of about 7000 Chinese Tourists left the US amid controversy, complaints, and criticism, mostly on account of their behavior.Read More
Recent uncertainty and diminished appeal of previous top destinations lead to many travelers cancelling their trips to the Southeast Asian destinations, shifting their focus on new travel spots. Read More
Eager not to rely too heavily on tourists from across the Yalu, Pyongyang has been looking for ways to promote tourism from countries other than the PRC.Read More