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Welsh tourist Edward Evans became the first person to benefit from a new tax refund on Wednesday as he left Beijing.Read More
European countries are fiercely competing to woo high-spending tourists from China to their countries by relaxing their visa policies...Read More
China’s civil aviation authority is to introduce a blacklist of passengers who behave badly on flights.Read More
Finland is opening two visa application centers in Beijing and Shanghai in response to growing demand from Chinese visitors.Read More
Ignoring the concerns of intelligence agencies, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced extension of e-visa facility to Chinese tourists.Read More
Singapore is extending the validity of visas issued to Chinese nationals for a maximum of 10 years after recording a fall in numbers from this source market in 2014. Read More
Australia will offer a three-year multiple entry visa to Chinese travellers in an effort to catch up with regional rivals such as Indonesia and boost tourism.Read More
Chinese tourist authorities plan to start accrediting tourist attractions' ticket pricing practices and give preferential policies and funding support to the best-rated sites this year.Read More
Malaysia’s Tourism Promotion Board chairman Tan Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen says Chinese tourists travelling to Malaysia via Singapore will be issued with visa on arrival.Read More
Taiwan's Tourism Bureau plans to allow an additional 5,000 mainland Chinese tourists monthly to visit the country. Read More