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The new visa agreement between China and the US will unleash a major travel and trade boom and will also be used as a template by Beijing to make similar arrangements with other developed countries.Read More
Spain will speed up visa applications for Chinese visitors, the latest European country to streamline travel rules to attract a larger share of tourists from the Asian giant.Read More
European countries are doing all they can to reduce the time it takes to process visas but it is still taking too long to issue such travel permits to visit Malta, according to Michael Zammit Tabona.Read More
China's top legislature is about to launch inspections of the enforcement of the country's tourism law, targeting irregularities such as overpricing and hidden fees.Read More
To improve the nation’s position as a high-quality destination, the tourism sector has agreed to changes for Chinese tours’ shopping trips.Read More
South Korea is mulling easing regulations on visa procedures and the establishment of resorts and casinos to attract more Chinese tourists.Read More
Summer is the most popular time for mainland Chinese tourists to visit Taiwan. But as applications to enter Taiwan are limited, it can take a while for them to obtain their visa.Read More
Even though the golden age of Chinese outbound tourism has begun, strict legislation still limits any effort by non-Chinese companies to take advantage of this market from inside mainland China.Read More
The United States needs to live up to the goals of its National Travel and Tourism Strategy by approving a visa waiver for Chinese visitors to Guam. Read More
Many European countries have relaxed or simplified visa application procedures for China this year. This is mainly due to increasingly close political relations between China and the EU.Read More