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Global Ready China News helps you stay up to date with current trends, developments and news from the China travel market. Our site’s free and open part (accessible without subscription) covers roughly 5 to 7 weekly news posts. Our free and openly accessible materials are perfect for China market newbies to get a first impression and an overview of the China travel market.

For those who need more than just the key news, we also offer a Premium membership subscription, which gives you full access to our premium contents. Premium membership subscriptions are intended for former China Ready Seminar participants who want to stay up to date with in depth information, as well as for businesses and organizations with more than a beginner’s curiosity for China.

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In addition to the openly accessible content, our premium subscribers also have access to:

  • more news (on top of the free ones),
  • updates to our Global Ready China Seminars course materials,
  • key China market figures,
  • access to our Q&A section (managed by our experts), and
  • China Ready how-to guides for your success with Chinese consumers.

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The Global Ready China News premium content membership offers rich resources for businesses and destinations in order to gain a deeper understanding about the China travel market and on how to successfully market to Chinese consumers.

For now, premium subscriptions are exclusively available to organizations and select clients of BMG’s Global Ready Education services via their custom service package (such as Global Ready China Seminars and online courses). Individual premium subscriptions are currently under development.

Please sign up to our newsletter (on the right) and be among the first to know when individual premium contents become available. Meanwhile enjoy reading up on our open content and contact us with any questions you might have.

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