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China’s two largest mobile payment platforms are ramping up their international expansion with the goal of simplifying the way Chinese travellers pay cab fare in popular destinations.Read More
At Columbia University's 261st graduation ceremony, there were about 600 graduates from China among the total of approximately 15,000 graduates attending the ceremony.Read More
Alibaba Group’s Alipay is partnering with U.S. payment service providers to expand its mobile payment services to the United States. Read More
When it comes to traveling and spending abroad, Chinese tourists can’t be beat. The World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) says $215 billion was spent by Chinese travelers last year.Read More
In the next decade, it will still be Chinese tourists that spend the most- $255.4 billion a year by 2025.Read More
Chinese consumers of high fashion and luxury goods are becoming increasingly discerning too. Not for them any brand that is easily available or visible. Read More
Despite the slowdown at home and a slight hiccup in Chinese tourism, Chinese spending abroad is still spiking overall, and that’s great for luxury fashion labels.Read More
The Chinese tourists fear their wings will be clipped if Tuesday's shock yuan devaluation develops into a deeper dent in their spending power.Read More
China has been the main engine of demand growth for the diamond industry, with sales expected to double in the next decade, according to a private equity firm.Read More
The Chinese New Year is clearly an important festival for Chongqing local Zhu Lu, judging by how she has celebrated it yearly by visiting relatives and friends in the hilly south-western city.Read More