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Users can talk into the gadget, through artificial intelligence technology, the device will translate speech into the target language almost simultaneously.Read More
Global streaming giant Netflix has finally found a doorway into the vast Chinese entertainment market, months after pulling back on efforts to launch its service there.Read More
Baidu Map announced that it is officially available in 32 countries in Europe.Read More
Qunar, the fastest-growing online and mobile travel services provider in China, expects to round out its network of direct hotel partners by the end of this year and move a step closer to profitability in 2016. “There is significant room for us to increase our [market] share as the vast majority of the hotels [in mainland China] only became our direct partner in the last few quarters,” Qunar co-founder and chief executive Zhuang Chenchao said in a conference call with analysts on Tuesday. Beijing-based Qunar, which is controlled by ChineseRead More

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China Social Media Overview

Here is a quick peek into the Chinese world of social media. Dominating the online space are some interesting and extremely similar Chinese websites that make up for all that’s taboo in the country.Read More
To increase the odds of success in China's huge and rapidly growing Internet market, Uber Technologies Inc has teamed up with Internet heavyweight Baidu Inc in a strategic cooperation...Read More
South Korea's state-run tourism agency said Wednesday it will work with Chinese Internet giant Baidu Inc. to use its mobile search traffic data on travel to attract more visitors from China.Read More
China’s Baidu is stepping into another major market with a search engine geared for Brazil, and is preparing to set up a research and development center in the country.Read More
Regarded as the "Chinese Google", Baidu manages a large collection of services that caters to all aspects of the largest online population in the world, and continues to grow at a high rate.Read More

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Chinese Social Media Overview

In a country of 1.4 billion people, you’d think social media is big in China. And it is, but it is not just social media like elsewhere in the world, it's social media 'with Chinese characteristics'. Read More