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China’s technology hubs benefit the availability of abundant capital, as well as being able to leverage a robust manufacturing ecosystem, low-cost skilled workers, and a large domestic market to fuel their ascent.Read More
Beijing led the country for searches on the travel website for “avoid smog”, “wash your lungs” and other terms related to traveling to escape pollution.Read More
The deadly blasts that killed 114 people here also put a deep dent in the compact between China’s government and its middle class.Read More
China has released a draft cybersecurity law which immediately sparked concerns that it is too vague and Beijing's widespread web censorship becoming even more far-reaching.Read More
Finland is opening two visa application centers in Beijing and Shanghai in response to growing demand from Chinese visitors.Read More
China's inbound tourism market is still struggling to bounce back in the midst of rising concerns about issues such as air pollution,as reported by the China Tourism Academy.Read More
Traditional Chinese medicine and sporting events have been eyed to play important roles for attracting tourists to visit the country.Read More
The number of overseas tourists visiting China's capital fell by 10 per cent last year compared to 2012, state media reported, with air pollution blamed for the decline.Read More
On June 21, 2014, the island of Guam welcomed 116 Chinese passengers aboard the first regularly scheduled non-stop charter flight from Beijing, China to Guam, USA.Read More