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Chinese mainland travelers are a major driving force for global tourism, according to a report released by China's leading online travel agency Ctrip and a Chinese think tank, the Center for China and Globalization.Read More
Already the most prolific spenders globally, the number of Chinese outbound tourists is tipped to soar further as the millennial generation spreads its wings.Read More
When Chinese tourists travel to Europe, many head for the continent's luxury boutiques in order to snap up high-end fashion items. Read More
Chinese are the biggest spenders abroad, dropping an average of over $1,000 a day. Luxury goods are about 40 percent cheaper outside China.Read More
In recent years the number of Chinese outbound tourists has surpassed 100 million. They now lead the world in terms of their purchases. Read More
China accounts for nearly 1 in 10 tourists globally. Projections are that the 100 million trips taken each year now will double by 2020. This is with only an estimated 5% of the population holding passports.Read More