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Luxury brands in China have taken a big step forward with their ambassador strategies in 2017, but is it the right strategy?Read More
As Western retailers and luxury brands look to attract the next generation of shoppers, they need only look to China, who’s younger consumers and millenials are snapping up luxury products faster than one can say ‘Gucci’.Read More

Posted On November 10, 2017By StefanIn Branding, Consumer, News, Internet, Media

The top 50 Brands in China announced

Alipay and WeChat maintained their respective first and second standings as the most relevant brands for the second consecutive year.Read More
Consumers are shifting their behaviors, however, and increasingly inclining towards digital channels. Read More
From Asia’s most valuable company Tencent to Xiaomi, nicknamed the ‘Apple of China’, some of the world’s biggest brands call China their home. Read More
Thehuge anti-corruption and anti-extravagance campaign led by president Xi Jinping, has transformed China’s burgeoning luxury goods sector forever.Read More
Forget the noise about the economy and share prices in China. Chinese spending in the UK has never been higher, it is growing, and soon to escalate to include home-related goods and services.Read More
With Chinese customers spending big on luxury products comes pressure for the fashion industry to cater to their tastes. But they seem to have failed - and failed hard in this Chinese New Year.Read More
The total value of the ten most valuable brands in the region was US$391.8 billion, up 24.7% on the 2014 figure.Read More
Strict international standards have pushed Chinese manufacturers to improve the quality of their products, moving from imitation to innovation.Read More