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Posted On July 28, 2018By StefanIn Youth, News, Family

Young parents stoke boom in family travel

Young Chinese parents are showing a growing interest in going on trips with their children, creating immense potential for customized travel products and services. Read More
People like Celia Yu belong to a cohort of millennial parents in China whose purchase power is huge but whose needs are probably still underserved by the market...Read More
Luxury fashion brands are turning their focus to children in China, looking to cash in on China’s little emperors and empresses with a range of glitzy outfits.Read More
After giving birth you're usually swamped with family, friends, gifts... and a crying baby. But for some Chinese mums it's a completely different experience.Read More
While China’s spending on luxury products wanes, operators of shopping malls are looking to another retail segment: children’s goods.Read More