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When China’s President Xi Jinping gives his keynote speech to the Communist Party’s five-yearly congress on Wednesday, he’s expected to send the Chinese consumer a clear message: ‘It’s your turn to be prosperous.’Read More
The number of Chinese people travelling abroad will outnumber foreign tourists by 100 million per year within five years, according to a new report.Read More
China is expected to top the United Kingdom and Japan to become the largest long-distance market of the US. Last year, the number was 2.6 million.Read More
By the end of this year, visitors from China will overtake Europeans in numbers of tourists to Arizona. It’s a first for the state.Read More
Birth mothers often arrive in the U.S. a few months before they’re set to have their babies because their pregnancies aren’t as visible then, and they’ve heard that officials block pregnant women from entering the country.Read More
Luxury goods are back in popularity. China, for instance, takes advantage of the increased purchasing power of the population to create a niche in the high-end products market.Read More
China had the largest number of outbound tourists in the world in 2015, a new report showed. The number of China's outbound tourists increased almost tenfold from 2001 to 2015, reaching 128 million.Read More

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China and the Tourism Boom

Forget the pessimism on China’s growth, for overseas travel at least. Recent news shows that more Chinese are travelling and demanding more services. Read More
Chinese outbound travelers continue to be the main driving force for the growth of international tourism, but the concentration of visitors in a limited number of places is increasingly creating a number of problems.Read More
Anyone who thinks the wave of Chinese tourism now inundating the world will slow down any time soon needs to think again.Read More