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Ctrip, China’s largest online travel agency, posted strong financial results for the first quarter of 2018.Read More
Users can talk into the gadget, through artificial intelligence technology, the device will translate speech into the target language almost simultaneously.Read More
China’s travel market is growing and Chinese travellers are on the lookout for new destinations, and they have discovered Hungary – their newest holiday playground.Read More
Ctrip.com China's largest travel service provider has seen their net revenue increase 45% year on year according to their second quarter results.Read More
Majority cash deal for Edinburgh-based travel site is first US$1bn overseas deal by Chinese online travel company.Read More
Tuniu Corp has started selling air tickets and hotel rooms directly online, making it a direct rival of market leader Ctrip in the 400 billion yuan (US$60 billion) Chinese online tourism market.Read More
Who said only Ctrip and eLong ruled the Chinese Internet travel world?Read More
Amid a cutthroat price war in China's $116 billion travel market, Expedia cut its losses Friday and shed its majority stake in eLong.Read More

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China Social Media Overview

Here is a quick peek into the Chinese world of social media. Dominating the online space are some interesting and extremely similar Chinese websites that make up for all that’s taboo in the country.Read More
Ctrip.com, China’s biggest travel website, said it would accelerate expansion overseas amid “blowout” growth of the country’s tourism industry.Read More