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Domestic tourism in China is booming as a result of the growing middle class, as well as the government support and substantial investments in both tourist infrastructure and transportation links in the country.Read More
Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Mar-a-Lago meeting with his US counterpart Donald Trump generated a buzz over their glamorous wives – one a former singing star and the other a supermodel. Read More
China’s social networks and digital media giants have been ranked among the country’s most valuable brands due to their cumulative reach of four billion users.Read More
ina is set to open 19 new duty-free shops for domestic consumers, a move aimed at catering to the increasing demand for imported products.Read More
While outbound Chinese tourists attract the most attention, holidaymakers shopping inside China are a consumer market that is growing too.Read More
An online survey has revealed that 62 percent of Chinese tourists think that the local culture streets are not interesting.Read More
China is seeking to promote tourism and lift domestic spending with measures ranging from boosting investment in tourism spots Read More