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Today in China, the country’s own LGBTQ+ movement is starting to gain momentum. In the luxury sphere, this could offer a new opportunity for brands looking to target an emerging, affluent market.Read More
China’s Spring Festival is the ultimate test for fledgling romances. A partner’s invitation to meet family signals commitment; but for China’s LGBT population, the holiday creates disproportionate stress. Read More
No more homosexuality, extramarital affairs, or one-night stand content in Chinese television drama.Read More
The global LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) travel market is big – over USS 200 billion in annual spend, and is growing. One market, which is slowly but surely contributing to this growth, is China.Read More
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is one of the sponsors of a competition that will see ten Chinese same-sex couples travel to West Hollywood to marry next week.Read More
A cheerful promotional cartoon from a major Chinese travel agency shows two women sharing one hotel bed and two men tucked into another. "Take your gay best friend to visit Hong Kong,".Read More
With more than 70 million LGBT people in China (equivalent to the UK's population) China's "pink market" value is estimated to be around US$470 billion per year.Read More