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The government has stepped up already tight controls over the internet.Read More
China has now extended the scope of its censorship from political content to entertainment gossip.Read More
Access to the web is suppressed in many countries such as Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, North Korea, Cuba, Iran and Saudi Arabia.Read More
WeChat censors content for all users registered with Chinese phone numbers even if they travel overseas or switch to an international number.Read More
The New York Times reports that Facebook has developed tools to prevent sensitive posts from appearing on feeds in "specific geographic areas".Read More
China's internet regulator has announced increased law enforcement supervision of public comment sections on social media platforms and news organisations in a move designed to tackle "outstanding problems" .Read More

Posted On February 6, 2016By StefanIn News, Internet, Mobile, Social Media

China bans over 200 illegal Websites

China's internet watchdog said it has banned hundreds of websites and thousands of accounts with illegal content including pornography, gambling and terrorism, the media reported on Friday.Read More
Google's announcement of a new holding company, Alphabet, delighted Wall Street this week but didn't win over one erstwhile critic: China. Read More
It’s now close to six years since Twitter was blocked in China. Although Twitter executives are not expecting the social network to rise from the dead, they’re pushing hard to get it to take off in ChinaRead More
chnology and political will are converging to create a seamless nationwide Intranet -- amid growing netizen anger.Read More