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A growing Chinese mobile ad market and China’s booming outbound tourism are growth drivers that Tencent’s popular messaging platform WeChat is well positioned to capitalize on.Read More
China is expected to top the United Kingdom and Japan to become the largest long-distance market of the US. Last year, the number was 2.6 million.Read More
China has entered "a new retail era" characterized by online and offline (o2o) retail that has created huge potential and demand, especially for customized productsRead More
By 2030, the spending power of consumers residing in China’s lower-tier cities is expected to reach US$9.7 trillion.Read More
China continues to lead international outbound tourism, followed by the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and France. Read More
China's outbound tourism industry is expected to see slower but steady growth in the next five years.Read More
Warm sunshine, peaceful beaches, colorful reefs and a cup of iced drink are always essentials for a heaven-like vocation, and also compose the reason why Sharm el-Sheikh is famous around the world.Read More
China has led the 2015 global outbound tourism, a report released by the United Nations World Tourism Organization said.Read More
Despite fears of an economic slowdown in China, the devaluation of the yuan, and stock market turmoil making headlines throughout January, the number of Chinese people travelling abroad is set to grow.Read More
Tourism continued to boost the economy last year with investment and consumption rising, official data showed yesterday.Read More