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Chinese firms and their partners will invest an estimated US$350 billion in the next five years in new projects in countries along the New Silk Road trade routes from Asia to Europe and Africa, according to a new report.Read More
In 2016, according to law firm Baker & McKenzie and research company Rhodium, China's direct investment into the US and Europe more than doubled.Read More
Chinese investments have begun to sustain or have created local jobs across the U.S. In some instances, Chinese investors can be a source of growth capital to help U.S. firms expand capacity.Read More
Chinese investment in acquisitions, new operations and expansions in the United States hit a record 15 billion U.S. dollars in 2015 and is set to reach twice that this year.Read More
China has vowed to expand investments in its tourism industry this year. Li Jinzao, head of the National Tourism Administration, says investment will rise 20 percent from last year, to 1.2 trillion yuan or 180 billion U.S. dollars. Li estimates that Chinese people are expected to make over 4 billion domestic trips this year with both inbound and outbound tourist trips estimated at 260 million in total. Meanwhile, the country is also looking to attract more overseas visitors this year. Most inbound tourists to China come from neighboring countries such as SouthRead More
The depreciation of the yuan has a wide range of impacts, but as far as aviation is concerned, China's outbound market outlook remains bright. Read More
China's largest crowdsourcing platform received a cash injection of 2.6 billion yuan ($425 million) Monday, the largest Internet-related investment in west China.Read More
On September 17th, Tencent invested with Morningside Venture Capital in outbound travel website's. This B round financing is worth 20 million US$.Read More
10-second video app Miaopai has secured US$50 million in series C funding, according to Sina Tech. Read More
Queenstown's Hilton Hotel has - as reported by - been sold to Chinese investors encouraged by the numbers of wealthy Chinese flocking to the resort. Read More