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China is going cashless, no doubt. Chinese consumers spent a total of US$5.5 trillion via mobile payment platforms last year, or simply put, it was about 50 times more than their American counterparts (around US$112 billion).Read More
The generation born after 1995 (aka, the “post-95s” as they’re known in China) is likely to be the next, most important consumer group that brands should focus on.Read More
68 million UnionPay cards have been issued in over 40 countries and regions by the end of November.Read More
The Incheon Port Authority will provide Wechat Pay service for Chinese tourists to exchange small amounts of Korean coins in Incheon Port.Read More
Alipay, one of China's most popular mobile payment apps, took a big step toward globalizing its services when it secured a third-party payment license in Hong Kong.Read More
Apple enters a market dominated by China’s two biggest internet companies, Alibaba and Tencent, in country where 358 million people pay by mobile phone.Read More
UnionPay International is having more say in expanding in the global market and surpassed global competitors to become the No 1 foreign card brand in South Korea.Read More
UnionPay International announced on Wednesday that it will offer discounts to UnionPay cardholders during visits to certain world-renowned tourist destinations.Read More

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Quiet Rise of China UnionPay

China UnionPay is much less well-known than other major credit card brands, so many people might be surprised to learn that it is now the global leader in plastic.Read More