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Chinese mainland travelers are a major driving force for global tourism, according to a report released by China's leading online travel agency Ctrip and a Chinese think tank, the Center for China and Globalization.Read More
Chinese tourists spent 12% more travelling abroad in 2016 than in 2015, according to figures from the UN World Tourism Organisation.Read More
The rich have been even harder at work, spending at least two days a week traveling for business, and are committed to their home country.Read More
Wealthier Chinese tourists are willing to spend more during their trips to make sure they have the best time possible.Read More
China’s outbound tourism boom is expected to remain the largest force in the global travel market over the next decade, with Chinese spending reaching US$255.4 billion by 2025.Read More
Young Chinese travelers prefer to travel in high-end style, according to a recent study released by Marriot International and Hurun Research Institute.Read More
When it comes to social currency, most Chinese consumers aim to buy a house and a car to impress their peers. But for those under 30, values are shifting, and digital products are becoming more important.Read More
New travel scheme promises fast-tracked entry permits for mainland Chinese tourists, but with one caveat: they must spend more money on hotels and food.Read More
Now decades old, China’s economic boom has brought a better life to hundreds of millions. But it has also created new problems, such as pollution and inequality. Read More
Approximately 2.2 million Chinese travelers who visited the United States last year spent more than $23 billion, making China the 2nd biggest source of foreign-tourist spending in the US.Read More